Gosh, We’re All Really Impressed Down Here I Can Tell You

Me last night at the venue for my reading, which was the Methodist church right across the street from the University Bookstore in Seattle. Here I am looking at the patron of the establishment, hoping he would not… Read More

Portland! Brace Yourself, For I Shall Arrive! Tomorrow! 7pm! Powell’s in Beaverton!

Yes, Portland! I am returning on Tuesday, May 21st! To feast upon your Voodoo Donuts and other local comestibles! And to read, answer questions and sign books! Largely in that order! You will find me at Powell’s Beaverton… Read More

Seattle! Come See Me TODAY, 7pm, University Temple United Methodist Church!

That’s right, Seattleites — as you read this I am lurking about your town, preparing for my event tonight, May 20, at 7pm at the University Temple United Methodist Church — which, in case you don’t know, is… Read More

The Big Idea: Madeleine Robins

Anyone who reads fairy tales knows that things happen in the tales for seemingly no reason at all. But just because there’s no reason in then doesn’t mean something interesting can’t happen when reason is added to them…. Read More

Two SFWA Presidents

One is near the end of his term! One’s term has yet to begin! Can you guess which is which? Photo by Catherine Shaffer.

Nebula Award Winners!

The winners are in bold. Also noted: The Norton and Bradbury awards, as well as the Solstice and the Kevin J. O’Donnell Service to SFWA Award. Novel: 2312, Kim Stanley Robinson (Orbit US; Orbit UK) Throne of the… Read More

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste

Me and Jay Lake at the Nebula Mass Signing yesterday. I taste of executive power. For another few weeks, anyway. Picture borrowed from jay’s site, here.

RT Book Reviews Video Interview; IGMS Review of THD

Welcome to Saturday.  First: Look! A video interview with me from RT Book Reviews, taken during the Booklover’s Convention a couple of weeks ago in Kansas City. I talk about The Human Division, the RT convention and some… Read More

View From a Hotel Window: San Jose

And to answer the age-old question, no, I don’t know the way to San Jose, on account that for the last two days I was driven around by other people and have no idea, navigationally, how I got… Read More

Hey! Mass SF/F Signing! Tomorrow! San Jose! 5:30 – 7:30! With Me!

Want to see literally dozens of SF/F writers in one place at one time? Who are there to sign books? For you? Then come on down to the San Jose Hilton (300 Almaden Blvd), from 5:30 to 7:30pm… Read More

Brace Yourselves, Internet, For the Unremitting Onslaught of SEXY

Oh, yes. My “just woke up” hairdo brings all the girls to the yard. And yes, of course, I am seriously considering this for my next author photo. Because, obviously, why wouldn’t I. My Thursday will be spent… Read More

South Bay: I Am At Book, Inc’s Mountain View Store Tomorrow at 7pm!

The headline says it all, but in case you need more information, here are all the details, including the address of the store. This will also be useful for those of you who are in San Francisco but… Read More

Paul Di Filippo Writes Up The Human Division for Barnes and Noble Review

And it’s a very good read (and also a positive review — the two are not always related), looking at THD in the context of the military science fiction genre, and giving readers a useful overview of that… Read More

My Superpower, Which Happens to Be Useful For My Book Tour

It is: I am almost always able to wake up within five minutes of when I need to wake up. Today is a perfect example. I wanted to be at the airport in time for my flight, which… Read More

Reminder: Tomorrow, San Francisco, Borderlands Books, 7pm

And I’m very excited about it, because Borderlands is one of my favorite bookstores in all the land, and it’s always so much fun to be there. Will you be there? You should be! That is, if you’re… Read More

Reminder on Getting Signed Human Divisions + Thoughts on Dan Brown

First thing’s first: If you wanted to get a signed copy of The Human Division and are not able to get to one of my tour dates, here’s what you do: 1. If you want it signed and… Read More

The Human Division Hardcover (and Compiled eBook and Audio Editions): Now Out!

The hardcover (and compiled, DRM-free electronic edition, and also the compiled audio version) of The Human Division, the latest novel in the Old Man’s War series, is officially out today, May 14, here in the US and also… Read More

Dear Los Angeles: My Tour Officially Starts in You Tomorrow, 7:30, Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach!

Yes, Los Angeles, the major metropolitan area of my youth, where I was raised on In-N-Out Double-Doubles and Thrifty ice cream scoops, listened to KROQ and yearned for checkerboard Vans. You are the perfect place to begin my… Read More

The Big Idea: Chelsea Pitcher

A bad thing happens, and we want justice for it. How far would we go for that justice? And what happens if in the pursuit of justice, we are tempted to act injudiciously? It’s the question that confronts… Read More

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Not dead! Just taking long Sunday lunches with friends in LA, to be followed by long Sunday dinners with friends in LA. What are you doing? Tell all! Omit nothing!