Back to Ohio

My ALA adventures are at an end and I am soon headed home. This is all you get from me for today. But I hope your Sunday was as enjoyable as mine.  Tell me in the comments, if… Read More

If You’re Seeing This Post, Then Redshirts Has Won the Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel

In which case: Whoo-hoo! (I wrote this up so that when the award was announced, if Redshirts won I would be able to press a button and have it post, because I am otherwise occupied at the American… Read More

The Crossposting Penumbra

So, when I am dealing with contentious comment threads, I will occasionally have to deem a particular conversation on the thread as something derail-y or not germane to the actual topic of the thread, and tell people to… Read More

Reporting Harassment at a Convention: A First-Person How To

My friend Elise Matthesen was creeped upon at a recent convention by someone of some influence in the genre; she decided that she was going to do something about it and reported the person for sexual harassment, both… Read More

Hanging Out in the Gray City

I’m in Chicago this weekend for the American Library Association conference, where I’ll be doing all number of events. So if you’re a librarian at ALA this weekend and you want to see me, check your ALA schedule… Read More

The Big Idea: Jason Sheehan

Sometimes, when an author meets a piece of obsolete technology, it can change the way he looks at the world — or at least, a world.  Just ask Jason Sheehan about that, and about aircraft, and his debut… Read More

The Big Idea: David Nickle

Today, with his novel The ‘Geisters, author David Nickle goes to a dark place. Want to come with him? DAVID NICKLE: I wanted to write a book about kink. This was around the time that Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight… Read More

Ding Dong, DOMA’s Dead (and So is Prop 8)

In one of the better days for the United States recently, the Supreme Court of the United States knocked down the “Defense of Marriage Act,” pointing out, quite reasonably, that you can’t actually defend marriages if you’re telling… Read More

Note About Big Idea Pieces for July

I should have posted this earlier, but, hey, I’ve been busy: Since I am taking at least a semi-vacation here in July, with the exception of a July 2nd Big Idea piece (which was scheduled before I decided… Read More

New Books and ARCs, 6/15/13

My, what a lovely collection of new books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound today! Do you see anything you yearn for? Note it in the comment thread.

The Big Idea: Madeline Ashby

What do an artificial person and a lost (and important!) government document have to do with each other — and Madeline Ashby’s latest novel, iD? You’re about to find out, from Ms. Ashby herself. MADELINE ASHBY: It’s funny,… Read More

Announcement: July To Be (Mostly) Vacation Month

The headline basically gets the gist of it: I plan to have a very light schedule of posting here at Whatever in July — “very light” meaning anything from “maybe once a day” to “not at all for… Read More

My Brain is Apparently Taking a Vacation Day

And I’m not going to argue with it about the fact. So, to keep you amused, a question for you to answer and discuss in the comment thread: Name a favorite “deep cut” from a band you like…. Read More

Zeus Tries Out the New Recliner

And his expression of “what?” does seem to suggest that he believes he has full, rightful claim to it. For the moment, Zeus. For the moment. For those of you who have been asking what kind of recliner… Read More

The New, Somewhat Ridiculous Chair

I noted yesterday that the old recliners in the front room were being taken out to make space for new furniture. Here’s one piece of that furniture: A new recliner whose proportions seem better suited for Andre the… Read More

My Brain is Mush at the Moment, So Here’s Another Totally Awesome SNAILQUAKE Poster For You

This one by Natalie Metzger, and you can see it in even more awesomeness at her site here. I like it when my silliness inspires further silliness. Especially on a day when my brain is all, like, “go… Read More

Enjoying It While It Lasts

Although the cats don’t know it, they are on a clock; in about 24 hours, those chairs are to be carted off and replaced with a couch, around which my wife will then redecorate the front room. This… Read More

For Future Reference: SnailQuake Art

The SyFy Channel announced today that it would be releasing a film called Sharknado, about, yes, a tornado filled with sharks. Naturally enough, I had a comment about that on Twitter: Sharknado. SHARKNADO, PEOPLE. @syfy is officially trying… Read More

The Big Idea: Ramsey Hootman

Writer Ramsey Hootman grew up loving one literary genre but writing in an entirely different one for her debut novel Courting Greta. But don’t think that doesn’t mean her first literary love wasn’t an influence anyway. She’s here… Read More

Guilt, Mine, and Paying It Forward, Me

You know, every now and again some dude will read my “Straight White Male” piece or one of the similar follow-on pieces, decide to put me in my place, and barf up a blog nugget consisting of straw… Read More