6 thoughts on “Sunset, 6/1/13

  1. Red sky at night, sailors delight…looks like tomorrow may not be a great day weather wise, hope the old adage is not true…

  2. Fun thing last evening.
    I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and looked up and over to yikes.
    Something with grey rounded wings was attacking something with black pointy
    Rounded wing bird was faster but when it went at the pointy winged bird things
    happened to fast for me to see. No feathers fell, and the pointy winged bird just,
    on the third attack, vanished into the trees and grey wings turned back.
    Circled around and vanished into a different set of trees.

    Dawn is adorable, sunsets are great, dawns are great.
    Being reminded that birds do maneuvers that would would rip the world’s best
    plane to shreds?

  3. Oh, my.
    Either YouTube knows more about me than I’d wish or they have really
    good algorithms.
    OK. Good.
    They have good data (not excellent data), but good algorithms (not exc…).
    Ten browser tabs of songs I like did not include songs I [love(?)] such as:
    Harry Belafonte and Odetta – There’s A Hole in The Bucket
    Laurie Anderson – Slip Away
    Sinead O’Connor – My darling child
    Warren Zevon – Things To Do in Denver When You’re Dead
    Nine Inch Nails – I want to -snipped-.

    I still haven’t figured out what “PJ Harvey – When Under Ether” is, lyrics
    wise. Could be about abortion, could be about rape, could just be a song.

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