Oh, Yeah, About That Contest

Hey, wasn’t I meant to do a contest? Why, yes, I was. Did I forget about it? No, I just ran out of time to look at the entries before I went on tour, because of things. Which from your end of things looks exactly like forgetting. Sorry about that. And now that The Human Division is out, getting a signed ARC of it is not a huge prize anymore.

But maybe getting a signed ARC of The Mallet of Loving Correction is! So now, in addition to giving away a signed edition of The Human Division, I will also give away a signed ARC of Mallet. Because I made all y’all wait. Because I suck.

And when will I announce those winners? Uh, maybe Friday, because tomorrow and Wednesday I’m out on tour again and I come back home Thursday. So, yes. Friday. Let’s say Friday.

Friday it is.

9 thoughts on “Oh, Yeah, About That Contest

  1. Jeez, I forgot about this completely as well. I don’t envy you your choice, Mr. Scalzi. There were a lot of hella funny entries from what I saw.

  2. I’ll be at Joseph-Beth tomorrow – you can just bring the books with you since *obviously* my brain-in-the-box entry is going to win anyway… ;-)

  3. May I get another auto email, please. I screwed the first one up. Don’t ask how. Thank you

  4. We are failing as masters. 8,000 posts, but no caption winners …. well not for this particular caption contest.

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