19 thoughts on “A Public Announcement of Critical Import

  1. Leonard Nimoy and George Takei should do a road movie together. Because holy shit they would be friggin’ hilarious.

  2. … “Critical Import” ….
    Uhm, critics evaluate like an English teacher who thinks that I’m my big
    brother and not on the paper _I_ wrote?
    Got that, and also that sometimes reviewers have a deadline, and review
    not what they say they are, but their neighbor’s barking dog.
    Well, I’m off to click on that flash thing to get it to play. One moment please.
    Wow, Mr. Nimoy has aged a _lot_ since 1966.
    On days when I do nothing at all I dream of eating bacon.
    Salty bacon.
    Smoky bacon.
    Peppery and maple-y bacon.

    Smoky peppery salty maple syrup bacon. On rye bread with tomatoes and lettuce
    and a hint of mustard.
    And the alarm goes off, and I sit up on the edge of my bed, where I have to sit
    until I stop dreaming of a BLT.

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