Hey Scalzi, Don’t You Have Anything Angry to Say About That PRISM Thing?

Uh, mostly not, because apparently I was the only person in the US who assumed the government was already doing something very much like this? Because it was doing it under Bush, and if Obama had gotten around… Read More

Catching Up on Books and ARCs, Part 2

Continuing my efforts to catch up on the books that have come in while I was on tour (and since), here’s the second edition of what books/ARCs have come in recently. At least one more is coming! But… Read More

I Need a Better Class of Panicked Dude Leaving Comments

Because I gotta tell ya, the ones that are posting here are letting me down. Consider this latest comment, expunged from its original place in a comment here but presented for your delight, from “ManCaveThrust”: This place is… Read More

The Big Idea: Bradley P. Beaulieu

Author Bradley P. Beaulieu wraps up his “Lays of Anuskaya” fantasy trilogy with novel The Flames of Shadam Khoreh, and on the occasion of its release, he’s moved to look back on the entire trilogy and think on… Read More