Cleveland/Woodmere! Come See Me Saturday, 2pm at the Woodmere Barnes & Noble

This is a fact: My event tomorrow (6/15) at 2pm at the Woodmere Barnes & Noble ┬áis the very last book tour date I have this year. The very last! It would be lovely if you would come to it. And you know what? I think your dad would love to come too. It’ll be a one-day-early Father’s Day thing. And if you are a dad, why not bring your children? It’s a family friendly reading with hardly any swearing! Honest! If you aren’t a father, either because of gender or personal circumstance, you should come anyway. Don’t let those dads have all the fun.

Seriously, though: Last book tour stop of 2013. Come on down. Remember, 2pm — in the middle of the afternoon. So you can still make plans for Saturday night. See you there.

5 thoughts on “Cleveland/Woodmere! Come See Me Saturday, 2pm at the Woodmere Barnes & Noble

  1. Oh man, John is finally coming to Cleveland, and to the East side, and I gotta be at the hospital tomorrow. Dang it all. Hope you have a good reading.

    BTW, when I followed that link to the BN website, the little map makes it look like the store is on the South side of the road, Eaton is on the North side. It’s not the biggest BN, but its a really nice store.

  2. Ahhh! I can’t make it because -oh, the irony – I’ll be working at the downtown library, where we just bought a least a dozen copies of your latest. (But if you visit the Main branch downtown, feel free to stop in and say hello at the Social Science Dept.)

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