I Call This “Four Views of the Same Man in Need of a Haircut”

Four different looks, all of which scream: Time for a trim. Yes, well. Update, 3pm: And now, after the haircut: What a wholesome young man! You would totally buy a life insurance policy from him!

Reminder: Vote for Hugos by Midnight, Central Time

If you were planning to vote for the Hugos this year, today’s the day: The deadline for getting your Hugo ballot in is 11:59pm Central time. Here’s all the information, plus a link to the actual ballot. I… Read More

Polygon Takes a Look at Morning Star

Video game site Polygon does an in-depth look at Morning Star and Morning Star Alpha, the video game and related graphic novel (respectively) that I’ve been working on. The focus is on Alex Seropian, the head of Morning… Read More

Queenie Needs a New Home

UPDATE, 7pm: New home found! Queenie is my mother-in-law’s cat, and my mother-in-law is moving to an apartment which unfortunately does not allow pets. So we are hoping to relocate Queenie to a new, loving home. She is… Read More

Today’s Time Waster: Literary Figure Collective Nouns

Imagine there were more than one of your favorite literary characters (or film characters, or video game characters, or whatever). Like clones, or something. What would you call the grouping of the multiple instances of that character? What… Read More

Novel Writing and Related Topics FAQ

Hey, did you know I write novels? And yet, I haven’t done one of those FAQ articles to refer people to when they ask me the same questions I always get asked. Let me take care of that… Read More

Because I Just Went and Saw “The Wolverine,” My Top Ten List of Comic Book Films

In order: 1. The Dark Knight 2. Superman (1978) 3. The Crow 4. Blade II 5. TIE: Men in Black and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World 6. V for Vendetta 7. Red 8. Sin City 9. Hellboy 10.TIE: Josie and the Pussycats… Read More

The Big Idea: Adam Schrager

I’ve known Adam Schrager since we were both college newspaper editors (me at University of Chicago, he at Michigan). While I eventually abandoned journalism for a career of making things up for a living, Adam’s kept at it,… Read More

Heads Up On Picture Outage, 7/25

Most of the pictures on Whatever, for reasons having to do with convenience and laziness, are hosted on Flickr. Tomorrow between 7pm and 1am Friday morning, Flickr will be undergoing maintenance and will apparently not be accessible. I… Read More

Fuzzy Nation Nominated for Spain’s Premios Ignotus

Twitter has come in handy once again as I was informed by Venezuelan science fiction writer Ronald Delgado that El Visitante Inesperado, the Spanish-language version of Fuzzy Nation, has been nominated for the Premios Ignotus, the Spanish equivalent… Read More

Athena in Black and White

Click on any of the pictures to get the full-sized pictures in a slideshow.

Geek Girls: Meet Your New Anthem

“Nothing to Prove” by The Doubleclicks. P.S.: The album it is on is now for sale. In addition to that link, you can get it on iTunes and Amazon and all the other places.

Crabapples, 7/22/13

I keep meaning to do something with the crabapples one day. Like make jelly with them or something. I really should be more handy with this stuff.

Flow Sweetly, Hang Heavy

Because I felt like it, I made a playlist of songs. If you hit play, it will run through all the songs automatically. Or you can go here and see the entire set. I should note the videos… Read More

Oh My God Look What Today’s Thunderstorm Did to the Trampoline

I mean, damn.  But that’s not the worst part. The worst part? We don’t own a trampoline. That got blown into our yard from someone else’s yard. Which means that trampoline got pushed several hundred feet by the… Read More

The Android’s Dream Wins the Seiun Award

That would be in the category of Best Foreign Novel. I am naturally delighted. This is actually the second Seiun Award for me, the first having come with The Last Colony in 2010. You may now insert your… Read More

Today’s Reader Participation Post: Rank My Novels

Got an irate e-mail from someone last night who hated hated hated Redshirts, which is of course fine. It was followed almost immediately by a gushing e-mail from someone else who absolutely loved Redshirts and thought it was… Read More

The Big Idea: Chris Kluwe

Chris Kluwe kicks footballs for a living, which is nice work if you can get it, and also ponders life, the universe and everything a whole lot. He additionally has a fine knack for writing things on subjects that… Read More

Boycotts, Creators and Me

I’m getting pinged by folks who want to know what my position is regarding the boycott of Ender’s Game movie by people repelled by author Orson Scott Card’s social and political stances and actions regarding gays and lesbians… Read More

Note of Interest to Those Who Follow This Blog Via RSS

It appears that if I update older blog posts, they will sometimes post to the RSS feed as if they are new. Don’t ask me why; just be aware it might happen from time to time. If I… Read More