19 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July

  1. Well, I’m half-trapped in my house while the roofers toss down huge piles of shingles and felt, but I remain in good spirits.

    Enjoy the Fourth (Amendment) while you can!

  2. Have climbed out of bed before 6:00 a.m., written a chapter of Science Fantasy (850 wds, Ch.22 “Skeptic” of “A Genomes Froth” which is yet another anagram of “A Game of Thrones”); ground the Ethiopian Peaberry coffeebeans; made a pot of coffee, brought in the L.A. Times; and plan to BBQ for family and friends before we see the Rose Bowl fireworks. Happy 237th birthday, USA (even if 2 July is actual date of same).

  3. Oh, and I mentioned your Locus Award at Vroman’s Bookstore, where you autographed Redshirts for my son. They said they’d be sure to have you again the next time that you pass through the Greater Covina-Pasadena Empire.

  4. Woke up to 80+ temps in the house at 6AM. Broke down and put the air conditioners in. Made it cloud up and rain. Hope the neighbors don’t find out that I rained their barbeque out. 8)

  5. I’m celebrating in the traditional fashion, SyFy Channel Twilight Zone marathon.

    Your vacation seems to be resembling Stephen King’s retirment so far. ;)

  6. Happy Independence Day, Americans! Hope you have a good one!
    Happy Thursday to all others, because – why should we be unhappy?
    Happy my-stuff-arrived-from-amazon-day to me, because – Yay!

  7. We Canucks had our special day on Monday. Canada Day is when a Canadian considers putting up a flag on his or her porch, then decides not to for fear of being too showy.

  8. POURING rain here, but it makes a good excuse to spend a quiet, lazy day at home with family. Also planning to see “Despicable Me 2″ later.

  9. @ Lila: Enjoy it, I heard Steve Carell is fantastic in it.

    As for what I’m doing: Working on my sci-fi action/adventure novel (mutant CIA agents get transported to a universe where the dinosaurs didn’t go extinct, fight a psychopathic superassassin, and generally get beaten up. My transparent author avatar gets the worst of it, because I HATE Mary Sues). Anyway…back to “work”!

  10. Stuck at work today but headed for a BBQ tonight followed by watching “Patton”.

    I’d complain about being stuck at work but (a) it pays the bills and (b) it isn’t “shoveling shit in Louisiana” (it’s working in an air conditioned office making a ton of money doing something I love).

  11. Likewise! It’s raining here but fireworks and block party were last night, so all is well.

  12. Yardwork, followed by barbecue and fireworks.

    Freedom, the most expensive drug in the world; to assure your supply, give it to others.

  13. We Canucks had our special day on Monday. Canada Day is when a Canadian considers putting up a flag on his or her porch, then decides not to for fear of being too showy.

    Waitangi Day is far more entertaining. We make senior politicians get up way before dawn, travel to an obscure township out in rural NZ, and then have protestors jeer at them. Plus the hippies have to get up before dawn too.

    The quality of protestors has dropped in recent years. To be fair, so has the quality of politician.

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