21 thoughts on “Athena in Black and White

  1. She comes across as a force to be reckoned with, yet relaxed and comfortable in her own skin.

    Kudos to the young lady, both parents, and the photographer.

  2. WHAT a pretty girl. But she’s lucky in her parents–your love and pride just shine through.

  3. Brains, soul, talent and beauty – you captured it all. She’s a lucky young woman. Luckier still to have parents who love and support her, and encourage her to be her own woman. Also, the name Athena is just too cool.

  4. Isn’t it fascinating to watch how much our children change who they look like over time? I remember thinking Athena looked just like you, John, and now she looks like her mother.

    Lovely pics of Athena.

  5. Something about the hair and the direct gaze and the black and white really makes her look like a photo from the 1880s-1910s. Nice.

  6. Wow! When did her hair get so wavy and full and awesome? My stick straight hair and I are jealous.

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