Busy at Worldcon

Don’t expect much here today. Check in with the twitter feed for updates on what damn fool thing I am doing. That’s probably the best bet.

Ten Years In Conventions

Today I head down to San Antonio and LoneStarCon 3, this year’s Worldcon. Coincidentally, this weekend also marks exactly the 10 year anniversary of me attending my very first science fiction convention: Torcon 3, up in Toronto. Before… Read More

Genuine & Counterfeit

William Beckett, who plays very excellent power pop, both with his previous band The Academy Is… (whose final album Fast Times at Barrington High I reviewed here) and now as a solo artist, tweeted the other day that… Read More

To Folks Waiting to Hear About September/October Big Idea Slots

I will be filling up the remaining ones today. If you don’t get a scheduling note from me for September/October by midnight eastern tonight, you may assume that there’s no space on the schedule. Thanks!

Sunset 8/28/13

Another pretty one. Because you’re worth it. Yes, you.

Today’s New Books and ARCs, 8/28/13

Here they be! See one or more that speaks to you ? Don’t be shy, tell the class in the comments!

Various Thoughts on Online Comments

Because I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot recently, but it’s not resolved itself into a coherent narrative. So to hell with the narrative, let me just toss out some thoughts I’ve been having on the subject,… Read More

I’m in the Guardian’s “Status Update” Feature Today

And they say nice things about me in the intro section, which was kind of them. The best part (for me)? The picture of me they use to accompany the piece was taken by my daughter, who can… Read More

The Big Idea: Benedict Jacka

William Faulkner wrote, “The past isn’t dead; it isn’t even past.” This is a concept that comes into play with¬†Chosen, the latest Alex Verus novel by Benedict Jacka. He’s here now to explain how. BENEDICT JACKA: It was… Read More

To The Dudebro Who Thinks He’s Insulting Me by Calling Me a Feminist

Over the weekend, some dudebro with a history of shitting on women took this picture of me (which you may remember from here) and meme-ized it, with the intent, given his personal history and predilections, of mocking me… Read More

Storm Clouds, 8/21/13

Forgot to put this one up the other day. We had some dramatic clouds just before our big storm.

Sunset, 8/24/13

A pretty one tonight. But then, I don’t really show off the ugly ones.

The Dog Days of Summer

Daisy is determined to enjoy them. And who can blame her.

Underwhelming Technology: Touchscreens

When I bought my most recent laptop and desktop, I went ahead and got a versions with touchscreens built in, because, hey, why not, it’s the wave of the future and in any event within a year it… Read More

Today Jay Lake Has Good Advice For You

And you should consider taking it. (and here’s the Livejournal version, in case you can’t reach the first link.)

The Korean Covers for The Human Division

I say covers because in Korea, the book will be divided into two volumes. Which I suspect will work just fine, given the nature of the book itself. They look pretty nifty.

Today’s New Books and ARCs, 8/22/13

Here’s what I’ve got for you today.¬† I’ll note the book at the top, Steven Brust’s and Skyler White’s The Incrementalists, comes with a blurb from me: And there you have it. So. What looks good to you?

About the News or Lack Thereof

It’s been noted to me I’ve been fairly quiet about the news and politics here recently. This is true, primarily because I’ve been devoting most of my brain cycles recently to the new novel, which is challenging in… Read More

Ooooh, a Scary Godmother Doll Kickstarter

My daughter was a huge fan of The Scary Godmother as she was growing up (and still is, in that teenage way), so when Scary Godmother creator Jill Thompson announced that she was kickstarting a fully articulated fashion… Read More

Not Dead

I was just working on a background document for the novel today and lost track of time. It happens. How was your day?