Sunset, 8/15/13

Because it’s been a while, no?

Lots of crepuscular lighting in this one.

14 Comments on “Sunset, 8/15/13

  1. Lol. It is nice. It reminds me of Ben Franklin.

    It’s interesting we still have 30 minutes to go.

  2. Sunset? Been awhile?

    Out of curiosity, how often does the sun set in Ohio?

  3. Yes, it has been a while since you shared a sunset.
    This one is especially appreciated.
    It’s pouring down rain here and shopping chores still force us to go out on a dreadful day.
    Thanks for brightening our dull day..
    And is there a better reason for sharing a sunset?

  4. @ Farley: There’s only one form of light from the sky could remind me of Ben Franklin, and it ain’t the sun!

  5. crepuscular! I;m not sure if that word means what you think it means,

  6. John: beautiful picture! I love pics like that.

    @henry: I think he’s right. Crepuscular means having to do with twilight, which fits. Also there is a phenom known as crepuscular rays, which is light streaming through gaps in clouds or other objects, and that fits too.

  7. I had to look up crepuscular. It also has the meaning of not yet fully enlightened. Was there any particular day you were thinking of?

  8. This is gorgeous. I’m a spinner (on a spinning wheel, not a stationary bicycle), and I’ve saved the photo to my “ideas” file to use as the basis for a future color combination (colorway).