13 thoughts on “Sunset, 8/24/13

  1. It would be interesting, on a science level, to take as many sunsets as you can and see what percentage of sunsets at Chateaux Scalzi are awesome.

  2. Have you ever noted where the sun sets at different times of the year? Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve made a point of observing where it sets on the solstices and equinoxes as it tracks its path over the year.

  3. I’m trying — without success — to recall or visualize an ugly sunset. Maybe in Ohio… though memories from childhood spent near Toledo associate “sunset” with “pretty”. Out here in Covina, CA, the typical sunset might be called “blah”, or “meh”, and striking ones such as you seem to get most of the time are rare, but somehow “ugly” just doesn’t seem to fit.

  4. Beautiful! Cropped a bit off the upper clouds and it is now my new desktop picture. I used to take all kinds of sunrise pictures on my way home from work with my 35mm, had a few I was real proud of, then I changed shifts and did’t have the opportunity anymore.

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