I’m in the Guardian’s “Status Update” Feature Today

And they say nice things about me in the intro section, which was kind of them. The best part (for me)? The picture of me they use to accompany the piece was taken by my daughter, who can now say her photo work has been published in the Guardian. That’s not bad for 14.

In any event, a fun little interview (in the form of survey questions), so check it out.

38 Comments on “I’m in the Guardian’s “Status Update” Feature Today

  1. The New York Times, the Grauniad — what next, Congressional Record?

  2. Curious: Why not ask them to properly credit her instead of a “courtesy of…”? Legal thing because of her age or more their editorial policy of whomever literally gives them the pic?

    Otherwise, you have a buddy in the “I don’t drink” club. Never felt the need to drink so I just don’t. Kinda like never having the “get drunk” craving. I’d much rather have a glass of O.J.

  3. DanS:

    They didn’t know she took it, and I didn’t know what which picture of mine they were going to use. So it’s not an oversight on their part.

    Update: And now they’ve given her the photo credit! Because they’re awesome like that.

  4. So… Use your audience from book sales to do cool and nice things, people talk about cool and nice things done, people check out your books, book audience expands… Hey! You’re making a decent living decenter by being cool and nice and standing up for stuff.

  5. Glorious. Simply glorious.

  6. No mention of the bacon-on-cat incident. Thought it would never happen.

  7. Yeah, a mention of baconcat/Very Definitely Too Bored To Be Upset Ghlaghghee would have made it better.

  8. I love the “Using his online powers for good” quote. Kudos to you and them. And Athena, obviously – great photo!

  9. On the front page of the UK version of the Guardian site above the link to your profile there’s also an article on how to eat bacon sandwiches. You’ll never be free!

  10. I’m not sure how you tell when mustard goes bad.
    Here ya go.

    (I’m pretty sure there was a Far Side cartoon on this subject, too.)

  11. Dudebro and similar ilk are probably pissing in their Cheerios over such accolades.

  12. Concratulations to Athena and to you.
    But please be aware that it may be dangerous if the Guardian writes about you – you may find yourself hiding at a Moscow Airport… Just joking… :-)

    But not joking about a mistake in the article. If I remember correctly you have already earned four Hugo nominations for your novels, not three, haven’t you? I

  13. Heh – wonder how that bunch of Chee-Tos stained morbidly obese self-loathing closet cases living in their Mom’s basement feel, is a more appropriate sentiment, @MVS! Clearly, the misnamed “Dudebro” is so turned on by the sight of Scalzi in a Victorian gown that he can hardly contain his tumescent desires any longer – next he’ll be serenading this blog with REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling”

    Okay…. Who else just read that and went, “Ewww!”?

  14. @Scalzi – “Oatmeal Cookies”? What happened to Churro Waffles?

    Typical of how quickly they forget….

  15. Looking forward to the deluge of oatmeal cookies at every bookstore and library event for the foreseeable future?

  16. Guardian! Nice touch, John. Like those guys. Love their footie section most of all (La Liga ftw!). As always your interview was most interesting. And don’t worry, if I ever get the chance we’ll just go out for coffee and watch a soccer game at the pub. Well, you’ll have the coffee, I’ll have a Guinness.

  17. Scalzi’s taste in treats varies. A royal prerogative.

    Congratulations, Athena!

  18. OMG, another bookstore/library smell lover. I had not thought of adding the smell of (oatmeal) cookies. What could be better!!

  19. Troll-slayer. Love it :) You should get a framed certificate or something, shouldn’t you? Using your powers for good? Everybody should! Thanks for leading by example, and congrats to Athena!

  20. @Mark Terry : I too call everybody dude . . . dude.

    Except, of course, for those that don’t abide.

  21. Miss Athena in the Graun! I read this before coming here and was, as they say, quite chuffed for her. I thought it was astounding to sometimes make my local paper in the fine print, but Britain would have been out of reach.

    I see one of the RSHD’s dudebros turned up, but the regular commenters are (as they also say) taking the piss quite well.

  22. Kudos!

    Nice to know your favorite cocktail is a “Diet Virgin Cuba Libre” (courtesy The Big Bang Theory)

  23. John, as regards your final comment in the closed thread: “Surprisingly Few Malletings” would make a great band name.

  24. Nice article, and good on Athena for being a published photographer!

    Yeah, one of the RSHD’s lickspittles showed up in the comments. No surprise there. He’s being crushed by the sane commenters.

  25. Even more surprisingly, there were few malletings needed in the Grauniad’s comments too. Very unusual.

  26. We loves us some comments!

    Seriously, I think you’d miss us if you turned them off completely.

    I just drove my loved one to SFO, so she can go back to Ohio. (“But my city was dead”.) So the Cleveland area has an awesome artist again.

  27. I have this great recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, Mmmm the smell of them baking is one of my favorite things. Fun interview, love the photo credit for Athena!

  28. If I may, a repost of one of the Guardian commentors. I sure do love a well-turned phrase…

    Posted by Silvermute Spoonface when asked for the identity of the villian under discussion:

    – Google “Vox Day”, but be careful about visiting his site. If you do, you should put your router through the dishwasher to get the stupid out. It may pay you to reformat your hard drive, set it on fire, seal it in a lead casket and fire it into the Sun, too. That stuff is hard to remove.-