9 thoughts on “Busy at Worldcon

  1. Sorry I couldn’t make it. Tell San Antone they better treat you well…or Austin it’ll have to answer to Austin.

  2. But…But…it’s International Bacon Day! No bacon posts?

    (Peanut Butter and bacon cookies would be more portable for worldcon, but I bet I could make bacon churro waffles).

  3. Not trolling on it. It was why I decided not to go. Partly because of politics, but mostly because I don’t do well in hot, humid environments, especially when I’m as fat as I am right now.

    Stupid reason. Hotels have AC, and I don’t here in Hoboken, where it’s extremely hot and sticky.

    The fact that Rick Perry is striving to turn Texas into a racist misogynist hell-hole still applies, but would not, in itself, be sufficient reason. Especially since I expect Texas fans to be appalled by that evil coprocephalic noncompos.

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