The Mallet Has Landed

Which is to say, my first author copy of The Mallet of Loving Correction: Selected Writings From Whatever, 2008 – 2012 has arrived at the Scalzi Compound. And it is absolutely lovely, if I do say so myself…. Read More

These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things, On Tiers

I get asked a lot what about what my favorite book/movie/album/creatively generated object might be (or my favorite author/filmmaker/musician/creative type), and I find as I go along in life I get progressively more annoyed with the question. This… Read More

Interview in the San Antonio Express-News

In advance of LoneStarCon 3, the San Antonio newspaper interviewed me about Redshirts, science fiction and all manner of stuff like that. The interview, if you are curious, is available for your perusal here. Enjoy!

My LoneStarCon 3 Schedule

It’s very brief. I am doing programming only on Sunday, September 1. The events are: 1pm – 2pm: Signing. This is when I am signing books. Usually the books I wrote. But, hey. I’m not picky. 3pm –… Read More

My Dad Went to GenCon and All I Got Was This Actually Pretty Darn Nice Hat

Yeah, I got dad points.  Also, I had a nice day at GenCon. As I did last year, I came in for the day specifically, this year in order to take part in Pat Rothfuss’ charity run through… Read More

New and Upcoming Books, 8/16/12

A nice collection of reads, I have to say. Let me know in the comments whether any catch your particular fancy. (For those of you wondering what happens to these books after you see them here, please see… Read More

Here, Have a Spontaneous Podcast

I asked people on Twitter for questions that I would answer on a podcast today. Here is that podcast. I discuss cyber security, Nutella, harassment, socks and many other very important topics. It’s 33 minutes long. Enjoy! (or if… Read More

Sunset, 8/15/13

Because it’s been a while, no? Lots of crepuscular lighting in this one.

Storify, Stalkers and Terms of Service

Posting (with permission) an e-mail I got from an occasional Whatever commenter, because this seems something worth pointing people’s attention to. For reasons that will become clear, I’m trimming out the person’s name, although I know who it… Read More

I Have Nothing to Say Today So Here’s a Picture of My Dog

She really has nothing to say, either. Enjoy your day anyway. 

New Books and ARCs, 8/14/13

I’ve got a bit of a new book backlog, so let’s get to it: Here are some of the new books and ARCs that have showed up at the Scalzi Compound recently. Tell me if you see anything… Read More

For No Particular Reason At All, This Song Seems Strangely Appropriate Today

Yes, that about says it, I think. No, wait, there’s this too! And, I don’t know, this kind of encapsulates things. Enough for now.

My Photo Tools, 2013

Question from the gallery: Could you share some of your photo tools and secrets? You’ve been showing off some striking pictures recently. One, thank you, and two, sure. I’m pretty sure I’ve covered this topic before but it… Read More

The Big Idea: Michael J. Martinez

Ever crash a ship into a planet? No? Well, then, Michael J. Martinez has one up on you with The Daedalus Incident. But to hear him tell about it in this Big Idea, that’s not even the coolest… Read More

First Day of School, 2013

Truth, Justice and the American Way. And also, ninth grade. Athena is officially in high school now, which is a little strange to think about but also pretty exciting. As I joked on Twitter, now I officially have… Read More

Interview in the Dayton Daily News

I got my start as a pro writer working for newspapers, which means that I totally jazzed about the fact that today my local paper, the Dayton Daily News, devoted a whole page to me rambling on about… Read More

Today’s Glimpse Into the Incredibly Glamorous Life of a Writer, 8/10/13

May I present to you the thing I snack on as I write. It’s a combination of the cheap, bagged knock-offs of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Grahams and Frosted Flakes — or as I like to call it,… Read More

This Whole Last Week of Whatever, Encapsulated in a Single Meme

Yup, that about sums it up. Have a good Friday, everybody.

No, Actually, Let’s Keep the Fan Categories at the Hugos

So, this is a motion that’s being offered at this year’s WSFS meeting at Worldcon: To gut the Hugos of the Fanzine, Fan Writer and Fan Artist categories (pdf link), an idea put forward by one Milt Stevens…. Read More

The Big Idea: Kat Richardson

Fun fact: Kat Richardson and I claim the same hometown of Claremont, California, and even lived there at the same time. And now she and I write in the SF/F genre! Coincidence? Well, yes. But still very cool…. Read More