Some Pictures From the Weekend

Don’t want you thinking I didn’t get you anything, even though I was away this weekend. Click on the pictures to expand them. Enjoy. If you want to see the pictures in more detail, go here; they’re the most recently added pictures in the set. Feel free to use any of them for computer wallpapers, if you like.

15 thoughts on “Some Pictures From the Weekend

  1. Great visual public type highlights of what was I’m sure a beautiful experience.
    Makes me want to plan to get serious about resoling my best work shoes. – Best because of the butter soft leather that has ‘em being like wearing socks but worst because of the worn down, cracked soles.
    Aside: Buying a new pair of [hiking boots] would mean shoe shopping and, much worse, breaking in the new shoes.

  2. Wow. I looked at the second pic and for a moment I was seeing a big blue and white planet in the sky. Sadly, it then turned into some clouds, but if I tilt my head and squint a little I can still see it.

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