Ender’s Game, Profit Participation, Box Office

Folks are asking me whether I think this report that Orson Scott Card will see nothing from the box office gross of Ender’s Game is accurate, some of them, I suspect, hoping that his not making additional monies… Read More

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have Achieved Maximum Autumn

It’s downhill into Winter from here. Dress accordingly.

Halloween, 2013

The costume is derived from this manga/anime character. I think Athena pulls it off pretty well; she’s got the brooding thing down. Also, this looks like the cover to a steampunk fantasy novel, if you ask me.

The Big Idea: Max Gladstone

Sometimes reality reads like fiction. And then that reality can inspire fiction. Just ask Max Gladstone about this, and how recent yet almost unbelievable events gave him the the impetus for at least two books, including his newest,… Read More

Why I Wear What I Do

This very interesting essay on the financial choices of the poor got me thinking about what I wear and why I wear it. Which caused me to haul out the camera and take a picture of what I… Read More

The Big Idea: Richard Kadrey

Short intro: Richard Kadrey is one of my favorite contemporary dark fantasy authors. Dead Set, his newest book, is excellent. It’s also a little bit different than some of his other work, for a couple of reasons. Those reasons?… Read More

The Big Idea: Wesley Chu

The good news: That novel, the one you’ve been working on for years, has sold! The ambiguous news: Now they want you to write a sequel! Quick! Uh, yay? What happens when they story you’ve painstakingly handcrafted over… Read More

Sunset, 10/28/13

With extra added sundog! Enjoy.

Fall and Frost Shadows

Got outdoors with the camera this morning for some pictures before all the frost had melted off from the yard. Fall is a pretty time of year around here. Click on the individual pictures to start a slide… Read More

Ten Additional Things I Have Done That You (Probably) Haven’t

Continuing an occasional feature on this site. Previous installments here, here and here. 1. Been hit by a car (specifically, a Ford Pinto), breaking my leg 2. Written award show banter for a successful comedian (this one — he was… Read More

Cover of the Japanese Language Edition of The Human Division

I like that they have Ambassador Abumwe in there. The Japanese version of the book came out just two days ago, so if you’re in Japan, go get it!

RIP, Lou Reed

Very sad day for Rock and Roll, New York and the world. Obit at Rolling Stone.

Prepping For the Dinner Party

My daughter has planned a dinner party for some of her friends for a while now, and tonight’s the night for it. To that end she’s developed a four course menu, secured all the ingredients (some of which… Read More

An Important Message From John Scalzi’s Brain

“I started the weekend at roughly 3:23am this morning. Expect no further coherent thought today, or possibly through Monday. “TL;DR: Bwuuuuuuuh. “Thank you.”

New Books and ARCs, 10/24/13

Hey, kids! It’s another stack of cool new books and ARCs, freshly arrived at the Scalzi Compound! What here looks interesting to you? Let me know in the comments.

The Big Idea: T.L. Morganfield

From Aztec mythology to Clarion West to NaNoWriMo to The Bone Flower Throne, the first of a series of fantasy books. How did T.L. Morganfield get from one to the other to the next? She’s here to guide… Read More

Meet Laser Jackson

You will want to see this important piece of art, by Joel Watson, this very instant. For the record, 15-year-old me did not write a story with Laser Jackson as the protagonist. 44-year-old me, however, is soooooooooo tempted.

Seriously, October, WTF

Snow. On October 23rd. Seriously, that’s just not cool, y’all. My memory on this may be faulty, but I suspect this is the earliest in fall that it’s snowed at my house since I moved to Ohio in… Read More

Video Game Update: New Name, New Sneak Preview

Hey! You remember that I’m working on a video game with the Industrial Toys studio, led by Bungie co-founder and Halo co-creator Alex Seropian, right? Sure you do. Well, I have two really tasty tidbits for you now… Read More

And Now a Word From Pope Francis, On the Matter of Ideology

“[F]aith passes, so to speak, through a distiller and becomes ideology. And ideology does not beckon [people]. In ideologies there is not Jesus: in his tenderness, his love, his meekness. And ideologies are rigid, always. Of every sign:… Read More