Kaiju: Mangina!

Over on Twitter, I noted that one of the favorite things the dudebros like to call me is “mangina,” a delightful portmanteau of “man” and “vagina,” because in the world of men terrified by women, the worst thing… Read More

On a Lighter Note

This song is potato chip-level addictive: That said, let’s not pretend that the opening guitar flourish and bass drum are not straight out of this.

Why The ACA Matters to Me

Over on her site, author Kameron Hurley tells the story of how she almost died because she didn’t have enough money to manage her adult-onset Type 1 diabetes. It wasn’t that she wasn’t working — First she worked… Read More

The Big Idea: Alethea Kontis

As any author will tell you, second novels are often even more challenging than first ones — they have special challenges, particularly in the production stage. Alethea Kontis is here to tell you her about her second novel… Read More