It was a hashtag that was trending on Twitter this evening. Here are my contributions to it. The Amityville Inconvenience #GentlerHorrorFilms — John Scalzi (@scalzi) October 12, 2013 The Exercyclist #GentlerHorrorFilms — John Scalzi (@scalzi) October 12, 2013… Read More

When Will I Be Turned Upon?

Saw this on Twitter today: I’m taking bets on when the SJWs will turn on Scalzi. Any takers? — Somite (@toxicpath) October 11, 2013 (“SJW” here is shorthand for “Social Justice Warriors,” a term which is new to… Read More

Democrats: Don’t Get Too Excited For 2014

Yes, the GOP is taking a bath in its poll numbers recently thanks to plunging the government into chaos due to a foot-stomping hissy fit. But Nate Silver (i.e., the dude who correctly called the electoral result in… Read More