24 thoughts on “Meet Laser Jackson

  1. Niiiiice. And yes, I clicked “this very instant.” Either a) I have become well trained or b) I really had nothing to do while waiting for the grill to warm up.

  2. @Joe Mac: Or…Laser Jackson timecast you an advanced wave premonition of impending awesomeness from his Pirate Radio Space Station in the future which is actually the 80′s due to an unfortunate (but very cool) causality loop involving Kevin Bacon and a goat cloned from the DNA of John Hughes. I think we can all agree that’s the more likely explanation.

  3. Sequel? Prequel! Laser Jackson and his mullet totally have a time machine! Somebody put sentient dragons in the Dark Ages, didn’t they?

  4. @Gulliver. Nailed it… I feel much better now. And that would put me at only one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon now. Saaaweeeet. Life goal #5 achieved.

  5. I don’t understand, Grandpa – is that some sort of hi-tech wallet he’s holding?

  6. Okay. That was interesting in a very 80s sort of way. And, yeah … mullets. Big hair, tank tops and hip hugger bell bottoms ftw. The one thing I liked from the 80s were those cool little colored bracelets kids would weave together. That and Madonna rolling on the floor like a virgin.

  7. @scorpius: “Is Laser Jackson related to Action Jackson?”

    I was thinking Luscious Jackson, myself. (Oh. 90′s. Nevermind.)


    Although I’m fine with you finishing your novel first, Mr. Scalzi–I’m starting to suffer from acute Scalzi Withdrawal Syndrome.

  9. Looks like something you’d certainly have fun writing, and yeah, an anthology of retro parodies works for me. BTW, does anybody else’s head translate “FTW” to “fut the wuck”, or is that just my problem?

  10. For some reason I cannot get the Outkast song Ms. Jackson out of my head. Perhaps they could record a parody for Laser Jackson!

  11. @Ozzie

    For some reason I cannot get the Outkast song Ms. Jackson out of my head.

    Thank you! I wasn’t going to say anything because I thought it was just me.

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