13 thoughts on “Cover of the Japanese Language Edition of The Human Division

  1. Greg:

    No author copies yet. They probably will arrive in the next couple of months.


    I’m in 20 or so languages at this point not counting English, so I would expect that there are close to 100 different foreign language editions to date.


    There might be some with Japanese surnames. I don’t remember off the top of my head.

  2. That’s a great cover, though I have to admit that Abumwe always existed in my head looking very similar to CCH Pounder (similar in demeanor, too, to her character in Warehouse 13).

  3. @John Chew: In my head it was always, “jaan sukaaruji”, of course, my Japanese teacher thought I should be “robii” instead of “raabi”, so I think if you’re Japanese you can say English names any way you like.

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