Fall and Frost Shadows

Got outdoors with the camera this morning for some pictures before all the frost had melted off from the yard. Fall is a pretty time of year around here. Click on the individual pictures to start a slide show.

15 thoughts on “Fall and Frost Shadows

  1. Nice outline of house in frost, and great corn star! However, your trees aren’t at max color yet, apparently.

  2. “The frost in the shadows is the last to melt. This makes sense if you think about it.”

    I thought about it. It took me a while. But, damnit, I got there eventually.

  3. Thanks John. Enjoyed the fall photos- looks crisp! Low ceilings and some sprinkles this morning in the central coast of CA makes it late fall like here. Have a good one.

  4. Just an FYI, the page layout for this page is “jacked” in IE 8 at a 1280×1024 resolution. The images are squished to about 5 pixels wide and the the right column (e.g. “The Blatherations of Others”) is overlapping the comments area.
    Looks fine in Google Chrome at the same resolution.

  5. Living in Minnesota, it’d never occur to me to explain about the shadowed frost melting last. Older houses up here tending not to have many north windows, we just don’t look at the great unmelted.

  6. Being a grass, (American) “Indan” corn (maize) has somewhat obscure flowers — the tassles at the tip (male) and the “ears” (female), hugging the stem. The “corn flower”/cornflower I’m thinking of — (Centaurea cyanus?) sometimes called “Batchelor’s button” — grows in real/European¬†corn (wheat, mostly, but also¬†oats, barley, and related lower-growing grain-producing grasses).

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