Early Notice

As a head’s up to people, I’m going to do my holiday shopping guide again this next week. Details on how to participate coming tomorrow. — John Scalzi (@scalzi) November 30, 2013  

This Small Business Saturday, A Reminder

If you’re in the US, you can get signed/personalized copies of my books for the holidays from my local bookstore (and small business), Jay & Mary’s Book Center. Here are the details. I am going in today, in… Read More

Today’s Picture, 11/30/13

Athena Scalzi, Chicago, November 2013. This concludes November’s Pictures of the Day series. If you would like to view the set in its entirety, all 30 pictures of it, they’re available as a Flickr set here. For those… Read More

Somewhat Appropriate Music for the Day

It’s not specifically about today’s sort of Black Friday, but the whole “screw all y’all, I’m outta here” vibe is one I can get behind.

Lock In, Super Finished

Just added another 1,400 words to Lock In, which you may recall I noted was already finished. Well, I didn’t lie. It was (and is!) finished, which is to say that I had written the story that I… Read More

Today’s Picture, 11/29/13

“Large Interior Form, 1953-54,” a sculpture, at the Art Institute of Chicago, November 2013.

Another Picture for Thanksgiving Day

Lopsided Cat has graciously deigned to sit for a portrait this Thanksgiving Day. BE THANKFUL, DAMN YOU.

Today’s Picture, 11/28/13

Interior of the Rockefeller Chapel, the University of Chicago, November 2013. The lights at the altar were being strung to celebrate the beginning of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. If you’re in the US, Happy Thanksgiving. If… Read More

Lock In, Locked In

Which is to say it is done. Exactly 76,000 words. What next? I spend the next few days (although not Thursday, that’s Thanksgiving) combing through the text, tying off various loose ends, reconciling plot points, making obscure bit… Read More

Today’s Photo, 11/27/13

Beluga whale at the Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, November 2013. In other news, I am so close to finishing the novel I can taste it. Off to write.

Today’s Picture, 11/26/13

Couple all cultured out, The Art Institute of Chicago, November 2013.

Today’s Picture, 11/25/13

From the Art Institute of Chicago, November 2013. For those wondering, the book writing is going well. Optimistic about finishing by Thursday. Trying not to jinx myself.

Today’s Picture, 11/24/13

Sleeping cat, Bradford, Ohio, November 2013.

Today’s Picture, 11/23/13

At the Art Institute of Chicago, November 2013.

Today’s Picture, 11/22/13

Fall foliage, Bradford, Ohio, November 2013. Also, a programming note. I’m going to be trying really hard to finish the novel before Thanksgiving. You will likely not see me here again before it is finished, excepting the posting… Read More

Today’s Picture, 11/21/13

Cobb Gate, the University of Chicago, November 2013.

The Big Idea: Mary Anne Mohanraj

The novel The Stars Change takes place in a far-flung future, on a world that is not Earth. But for her story, author Mary Anne Mohanraj reach into our planet’s recent history — and her own. MARY ANNE… Read More

Reminder: I’m Totally on a Deadline

I’ve seen some grousing about the relative lack of content here this month, so I’d like to remind folks I have a book deadline and pay copy has to take a precedence to writing here, for reasons which… Read More

Fuzzy Nation is the Number One Audiobook on Amazon Today

Almost certainly because it’s Audible’s Deal of the Day, available for $2.95 until 11:59 Eastern Time today (I would have noted it sooner here, but, hey, I was on the move. If you’ve wanted to try one of… Read More

Today’s Picture, 11/20/13

Frog at Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, November 2013