6 thoughts on “Today’s Photo, 11/2/13

  1. Ah, the Art Institute. When I was in gradeschool at ACS, every year the different “groups” (grade levels) would take a different day to go see a performance at Orchestra Hall (back in the days when Georg Solti was the conductor), then go to the Art Institute. Fun times! :-)

  2. Wow, Jennifer! You got to hear Solti! I wish I’d had a chance to hear Szell here in Cleveland, but the assistant conductors were always on the podium whenever they played for us kids. I’m envious! :-)

    Wow, John, Chicago must’ve been way colder than Cleveland was this weekend: no one here is in parkas or wooly coats yet, & it’s not that we’re hardier than they are – if anything, it’s probably the reverse.

  3. The Art Institute + the Grant Park museums are some of my favorite places in Chicago. Stayed at the Hilton on Lake Shore Dr. with my son over an extra long weekend when the King Tut exhibit came back to the Field Museum a few years ago, and it was one of the best trips we’ve had together.

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