17 thoughts on “Today’s Photo, 11/3/13

  1. They’re adorable and part of me wants to pet them, though I know it’s not possible and would probably be a bad idea! I also want to pet the picture because it’s lovely and -ehm- I’m kind of weird that way?

    When I learned about Web Content Management, we had to set up the structure of a site, in Drupal, about a random subject. I wrote about seahorses on the ground that they’re adorable! That is SO a valid reason when selecting a subject!

  2. Is that the aquarium in which Dresden fights the Denarians?

    This is bugging me. I’ll have to go check.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention the Shedd! Did you see the Beluga whales? I visit them whenever I’m in the city.

  4. Do you have any tips on taking photos in aquariums? This is a really good photo and miles above what I’ve been able to manage trying to capture seahorses, sea dragons, jellyfish, etc.

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