Today’s Picture, 11/13/13

Tree in my backyard, Bradford, Ohio, November 2013

17 Comments on “Today’s Picture, 11/13/13

  1. Nice! So crisp! So clear! And the color is brilliant.

    I bet it’s nice and cold, too.

    It finally dropped to 35 here in San Antone last night. But it’s all cloudy and of course what few trees we do have do not do what yours does.

  2. A good picture.

    It would make a good stained-glass window.

  3. Pretty.

    Now, when I see that you know what I think? Raking and lots of it. Usually combined with insufficient quantities of yard waste bags. So, raking, piles of leaves (sometimes with dog poop mixed) and a line of bags beside the curb.

    But, yes, the arrangement of color is spectacular.

  4. Nice. I enjoy seeing these shots that you take. This one would make a great jigsaw puzzle.

  5. I would love to have a rotated, high-res version – that would make a GREAT fall wallpaper for my desktop

  6. Spectacular photo!

    Low 20s here this morning and several of the neighborhood ginkgo trees have dropped all their leaves in one night.

  7. Ooh! Fractals. I’m sure I had a T-shirt summat like that back in the day.

  8. The trees in my yard looked like that about two weeks ago. Alas, most of their leaves are now either raked up against my house or stuffed into paper bags.

  9. You still have leaves? All of mine are in my rain gutters conspiring against me.