10 thoughts on “Today’s Picture, 11/21/13

  1. Thanks for the picture. I noted your earlier comment about being less prolific while working on your deadline and want to say i appreciate the photos. I hope the U of C social media machine is picking up on some of these. After Chicon last year, I took my middle son, Cullen, who was excited to meet you by the way, down to tromp the quad and grab a burger at the Med. He was a senior at the time, so I have been reliving that experience as you post the daily photo-essay of your trip to Chicago with Athena. Thanks.

  2. Yeah, I went and googled it afterwards. I spent most of my time in Swift Hall and the OI. I may literally have never walked through it and as you probably know grad students don’t tend to get as immersed in campus culture.

    Still embarrassing. :-)

  3. The pictorial tour is certainly making a solid sale for Chicago in the fall. That said, I worked in the downtown for four years and the Art Institute pics are mostly making me miss Russian Tea Time (a restaurant about a block from the Institute).

  4. You mean Hull Gate, not Cobb Gate. It was the gate that Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal drove through in When Harry Met Sally even though it’s been closed to vehicular traffic for at least 30 years.

  5. Jason – Nope, Cobb Gate. Hull Gate is the smaller gate behind it. And even though Cobb Gate’s officially been closed to vehicles for a while, I drove through it at least twice when someone forgot to close it.

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