3 thoughts on “This Small Business Saturday, A Reminder

  1. As a former independent bookstore employee (store died an unnatural death in 2000, a victim of online retailing), I just wanted to say thank you for supporting Jay and Mary’s Book Center. They are blessed to have a loyal neighbor like you.

  2. My wife runs an independent bookstore here and was a little worried about the AMEX ‘small business’ point store thing. Authors came in throughout the day to hand sell books as part of the activity. People wanted their autographs (which was to be expected), and one of them was smart enough to use this to increase book sales with other titles. It turned out to be a great, fun day for my wife and the store. Win-win.

  3. Thanks in advance for the personalized copy of “The Human Division”. My wife was planning on getting a signer copy for Christmas for me but evidently I preempted it by getting it for me from her myself. Oops!

    Bought a day late for Small Business Saturday, but at least bought this weekend. Back to studying espaƱol for me.

    Have a great weekend.

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