One For the Fan Club

Ghlaghghee, all pensive on the stairs.

29 Comments on “One For the Fan Club

  1. “Dear Diary,
    The authorities are back to pointing the camera at me, I’m not sure if they are trying to steal my soul like before but I will stay calm during these troubling times.”

  2. Gh = f :)

    Great picture of a lovely cat. How old is she now?

  3. Think gh as in rough…
    My hand wants to pet but my lungs say No. Sigh.

  4. Wook at the wittle woogums! She’s so cute I could DIE!!!!!

    argent47, the cat’s name is pronounced “Fluffy”.

  5. Every time I see that spelling, I imagine you as being Welsh.

  6. Linkmeister: I’m wondering the same thing. I haven’t seen him around lately.

    Scalzi: This picture looks like it belongs on one of those custom holiday cards (and perhaps I should clarify that I mean that in a good way– a custom holiday card made by someone with taste).

  7. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out the cat’s name. Maybe a year. No, not my brightest moments….

  8. Step 1, Trip Scalzi down stairs.
    Step 2, Steal opposable thumbs.
    Step 3, Open fridge and get ALL the catfood!

  9. John – please use the mallet if this is the wrong place.

    I’m having delays opening your website because of

    Is it just me, or is there something on your page slowing us down?

  10. He sure is fluffy. How’s the shedding? Also, how much time does it take to groom him, per week, and how bad is the hairballs problem?

  11. I see you got her good side. One of them, anyhow. Not that she has any other kind.

  12. She’s beautiful as always. A collection of spheres. Floofy cats in winter are great. I think she’s more plotting than pensive, though.

  13. Cassie, I love that video! (And that’s the first time I’ve seen it!)

    And Her Radiance is, of course, serene in her loveliness.

  14. Aha — clearly, Ghlaghghee likes to be served ghoti. (Or ghuti, when you consider the “short i” sound in “busy” or “business”.)

  15. I haven’t seen chang around in a while. I guess they were eaten by their cats.

  16. O Great Scalzi,
    As little attention as you have given to Radiant She lately, I don’t doubt that the members of her fan club have given up in disgust and despair (seriously, the dog has gotten more press time lately. What are you thinking?). If I were an official member of her fan club, I might be inclined to give you a one day Mark of Appreciation, only because the photo is reasonably well composed and has little to detract from Her Glorious beauty, save that Her Magnificence should be centered and much larger. Also, because this photo is a sip of water on a long dry journey. If you wish to regain your standing, I recommend you start once again posting suitable pictures of Her Gloriousness, post haste.

    ~~Not an official member of the Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club