Targets of Opportunism

Out there in the stupidosphere comes the suggestion that the reason that I write articles like this, or do things like this, is because I am a stone-cold opportunist who doesn’t really believe in these things, but says… Read More

The Death of the Blog, Again, Again

Jason Kottke declares the blog dead over at Neiman Journalism Lab, which makes him the umpteenth millionth person to do so. The actual piece is a bit more nuanced than its headline — Kottke notes that the blog… Read More

You Should See the Other Guy

Either Zeus has gotten into the lipstick (poorly) or some field rodent has very recently met a very bad end. I will note this does not appear to be Zeus’ blood in any event. (For the people who… Read More

Loathing is a Strong Word to Apply to One’s Self

“Self-loathing is in the writer’s blood.” What? No. http://t.co/3W9SwUeEsG — John Scalzi (@scalzi) December 17, 2013 I’m a writer and I really don’t have self-loathing in my blood, or in my liver or indeed in any other organ… Read More

Still Life with Guitars and Ukuleles

There are actually five musical instruments visible in this picture. Not immediately obvious are the left-handed ukulele on the bookshelf (it’s my wife’s) and the mandolin, the case of which can just be seen on the left hand… Read More

The Speculative Literature Foundation Announces a Working Class Writer Grant

This is a really interesting idea. From the grant page: Working class, blue-collar, poor, and homeless writers have been historically underrepresented in speculative fiction, due to financial barriers which have made it much harder for them to have… Read More

One For the Fan Club

Ghlaghghee, all pensive on the stairs.

The Flag in Winter

It’s a little chilly out there, all right.

RIP, Peter O’Toole

There was very little he was in, cinematically, that he didn’t make so much better than it would have been without him. Even the crap films, of which, alas, there were a fair number in the 1980s. But… Read More

Book Signing is Done

Just finished signing at Jay and Mary’s. There were a lot of books to sign. Thanks, folks, for supporting my local bookstore. It means a lot to me. Now having the post-signing lunch. Carnitas here I come.

What I’ve Written In

I was talking with a friend recently about word processors, which prompted me to think about which word processors I’ve used to write books. For the record, and for the curious, here’s what each of my novels have… Read More

Jogging in the Snowfall

Because my wife is a badass that way. Meanwhile, I am inside, warm and chubby. That’s teamwork.

While I Am Out and About, a Question to Keep You Occupied

It is: A musical artist/band of your choosing will cover a holiday song also of your choosing (that they have not, to your knowledge, already covered). Which musician and which song do you choose? For me: Robert Smith… Read More

William Beckett in the House

So, next weekend musical artist William Beckett is coming to my house to do a concert, which I think is pretty nifty, since we’re all fans here in the Scalzi household. As invites we bought and passed out… Read More

Last Day to Order Signed/Personalized Books From Me for the Holidays

Yup, the headline says it all. Details, in case you don’t see the sidebar.

Sunset, 12/11/13

Complete with a sun pillar giving the sunset a nice, Mordor-like glow.

Don’t Live For Your Obituary

Via Nick Mamatas,this article about writer Colin Wilson, who passed away in the last week, which begins:  How dismayed the late Colin Wilson would have been if, through some of the occult powers in which he believed, he… Read More

Francis and Snowden (and Time Magazine)

Time has named Pope Francis its person of the year, and I have to say that I’m down with that; the only other person I would slot in the position would be Edward Snowden, and Pope Francis is at… Read More

Interview with Audible.com

Last Thursday I was in scenic Newark, New Jersey to meet with the folks at Audible, who publish a number of my audiobooks, and will publish my next book Lock In as well. As part of my time… Read More

And Now, Just in Time For Your Afternoon Lull, Dogs! In Snow!

Two neighbor dogs wandered over to play with Daisy, and oh! What fun they had in the snow. I thought it might cheer up your afternoon to see them at full frolic.