I’m Just Going to Leave This Here

What’s this? It’s the traffic graph for all the parts of Scalzi.com that are not part of the current iteration of Whatever, i.e., archives and other bits and pieces that continue to be linked into from around the… Read More

How I Knew I’d Made It

In conversation not too long ago, someone asked me when I felt I had “made it.” It’s a fair question; for a writer, there are a lot of milestones that could be the points at which one feels… Read More

And Now, a Brief Phone Text Conversation Between Me and My Daughter

Athena (from school): I found out today I’m ranked eleventh in my class. Me: You have ten people to push in front of a train. Athena: This is why you’re the best dad.

Appearance Schedule Updated: Now Adding Chicago and London (Plus News About Detroit)

For everyone who wants to see me stroll about as like a mortal, two confirmed public appearances to tell you about: 1. April 25-27, I will be in Chicago for C2E2, the city’s big comic con-like event. I… Read More

The Big Idea: Myke Cole

It can be a strange thing when the real world intersects with your fiction, particularly when you’re writing a work of fantasy. Myke Cole knows what that’s like, since it happened with his latest, Shadow Ops: Breach Zone…. Read More

Little Snow Rollers

They’re so cute when they’re small!

The Big Idea: Delilah S. Dawson

Life is a circus — but is the circus all it’s cracked up to be? Delilah S. Dawson ponders this very question, on several different levels, in her latest novel Wicked After Midnight. We now place her in… Read More

How Cold It Is

It’s so cold that this soda can inside the refrigerator in the garage blew up explosively, cleanly shearing off the top of the can at the seam and coating the lower half of the fridge in cherry cola… Read More

The Big Idea: James L. Cambias

I can say this with some authority: I’ve known longer than anyone else working in science fiction today that James Cambias is a terrific writer. I know this because when I was editor of my college newspaper, James… Read More

For Auction: EXTREMELY RARE Bound, Signed Outtakes from LOCK IN, Plus Signed 1st Edition of LOCK IN, for the Worldbuilders Charity

The wordy headline says it all! But in case it doesn’t, this bit from the auction page: “A signed copy of Lock In by John Scalzi, and a signed copy of seven chapters cut from that book, (Not) Lock In–one of… Read More

A Convention Harassment Policy in Action

Arisia is a convention with a harassment policy. So what happened when a woman quite reasonably felt she was harassed, and complained to convention about it? Why, it was handled quickly and efficiently, of course, because there was… Read More

Notes on My Nexus 7

I bought myself the latest generation of Nexus 7 tablet as a post-Christmas gift, and I’ve gotten a couple of people asking me what I thought about it. Briefly: I like it a whole lot, and in fact… Read More

Zeus, 1/26/14

Clearly, pondering the future. Or, looking at the finger I held up to get his attention while I took the shot. The horribly cold weather we’ve been having reminded me that Zeus came to us right around this… Read More

Every Award-Winning Book Sucks (For Someone)

As part of my occasional and hopefully instructive series of entries in which I try to make the point to writers that negative reviews are part of the territory and ultimately not something to get too worked up… Read More

Two Books of Mine That Arrived Yesterday

Here they are. One of them is the Spanish language version of Redshirts. The other… well, you’ll get more details soon. I will say that only four printed copies of it exist in the entire world, nor are… Read More

A Public Service Announcement re: The Hugos, via Twitter

NOTE: I am about to unleash a chain of tweets on a single subject. It will take me a couple of minutes. Here we go. — John Scalzi (@scalzi) January 25, 2014 People on blogs talking about Novel… Read More

In Which I Sing a Depeche Mode Song For Patrick Rothfuss’ Worldbuilders Charity

Yes, Patrick asked me to be a stretch goal for the charity this year, so I said, sure, when you reach $325,000, I’ll sing Depeche Mode’s “But Not Tonight,” accompanying myself on tenor guitar as I do so…. Read More

I Was Busy All Day Having Meetings and Recording Things and Not Writing, So, Here, Have Another Tinkly Moody Pretty Piano Song

This is “I Will Love You” from the band Fisher. It’ll cheer you right up, it will.

E-Mail Outage Last Night

My e-mail box was bouncing e-mails for an unspecified amount of time yesterday (probably starting in the early evening). To be sure, if you sent me e-mail yesterday that you really needed me to see, go ahead and… Read More

The Song That’s Playing in the Background When You Break Up That Massively Dramatic High School Relationship in the Imaginary CW Show of Your Life

Yup. Perfect.