7 thoughts on “I Completely Forgot to Update Earlier Today, So Here, Have an Obscure 80s Britpop Tune

  1. Monochrome Set were one of my favourite bands – saw them live once too, in the early eighties. I’m particularly fond of their early singles on Rough Trade records – in particular Eine Symphonie des Grauens. The same album that had Jet Set Junta also included Fun for All the Family, with the lines:

    Mister Goya, we all declare
    Was most unkind and very unfair
    To paint us in the way he did
    As if the royals had lost their lids

    Damn it all, the family pets
    Were made to look a safer bet

    Giving us what we all want, songs poking fun at the 18th century Royal Family of Spain!

  2. Wow, thanks for that flashback. This is one song I had completely forgotten about until I started listening. This makes Edward Sharpe and the other camp-singalong groups sound not nearly as original as I had first though.

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