13 thoughts on “I Was Busy All Day Having Meetings and Recording Things and Not Writing, So, Here, Have Another Tinkly Moody Pretty Piano Song

  1. Beautiful voice, beautiful sentiment, but not what I was expecting from the adjective “tinkly”. I should probably have paid more attention to that other adjective, “moody”. It’s cheerful for Goth-level values of cheerful. I think I’m gonna go find some bubble gum pop, maybe from back in the John Hughes-era soundtracks mentioned in a previous thread. Or, oooh, I know, “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany! (At least I’m not cruel enough to provide a link :) )

  2. Wait – writers have to have meetings?

    I thought the point of working for yourself was getting away from these corporate substitutions for masturbation…?

  3. Here’s a rambly moody piano song, Vienna Teng – Eric’s Song, (I assume you know who she is). Her later stuff is more ‘loopy’.

  4. John, after trying to listen to the last two songs you posted, I think you need a vaca. Someplace sunny and warm,

    You’ve been cooped up inside too long

  5. Fun Fact: This song was going to be in the soundtrack for the Kevin Costner film Message in a Bottle, but the test audiences spent too much time crying during the scene it was played in so they pulled it.

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