Away From Keyboard Until 3/3

So here’s a picture of a cat to keep you company until then. But yes, as promised, I’m taking a little time off from the Internets for a personal project, and also because it’s a good idea every… Read More

In Today’s “Get Off My Lawn” News

Because I am a cranky old man who will die unloved and alone, I have updated my guidelines page to explain why I won’t help kids with their school assignments. Scroll down to the bottom of that page… Read More

A Late Winter Portrait

Thanks to higher temperatures and a rainstorm, the snow pack has melted out of yard, but there’s still a fair amount of icy scree, which you may see in the foreground here. Krissy took this picture whilst walking… Read More


Context: Chris Kluwe wrote on Twitter about how the GOP are currently destroying themselves, like the Whigs did back in the day. This is what followed. @ChrisWarcraft You were around for the Whigs? Are you immortal? ARE YOU… Read More

Sean Fodera Makes an Apology

You may find it here. I have nothing in particular to add to it other than the general belief that apologies are useful things. I am also happy to learn in the same post that I shall not… Read More

Routing Around Facebook’s Attempt to Block Me

Hey, that link to this site that Facebook won’t let you click on, because it’s “unsafe?” It goes here.

Houston: I’ll See You Memorial Day Weekend At Comicpalooza

They’ve announced it, so I will too: I’m a literary guest at Comicpalooza, in Houston, TX, this Memorial Day Weekend. If you’re going, make sure you come and say hello. If you’re not yet going, well, see, obviously… Read More

And Now, To Lighten the Mood, Here’s Pictures of Cats, Set to “Walking On Sunshine”

Because I said to myself: “After the last couple of days, ‘Walking on Sunshine’ would be nice for everyone to hear. Especially if pictures of cats were involved! I wonder if YouTube will provide?” And yes. YouTube did… Read More

Join the Insect Army!

“The problem is that the ‘vocal minority’ of insects who make up the new generation of writers don’t scramble for the shadows when outside lights shines on them—they bare their pincers and go for the jugular. Maybe it… Read More

Reminder: Con or Bust Auctions are Live!

Con or Bust being the program that helps fans of color get to science fiction and fantasy conventions. Every year science fiction and fantasy notables auction off cool stuff, and this year is no exception: Signed books, custom-made… Read More

Mary Robinette Kowal Offers Herself Up as a Useful Representative Example

Of what? Of the sort of crap women get, all the time. Mary doesn’t need me to defend her, and she hasn’t asked for my support. She has the latter anyway. Mary is without question one of the… Read More

A Note to Sean Fodera

Sean: If you honestly believe you can sue me for libel for linking to this article, you are, in my opinion, deeply ignorant of how libel works in the US. For the avoidance of doubt, I do not… Read More

Why I Didn’t Go To Bennington College

I read the Esquire profile of Peter Dinklage this morning, and it noted that Dinklage is a graduate of Bennington College, class of 1991. Which made me think, huh, I could have been a classmate of Peter Dinklage’s,… Read More

A Conversation That Actually Just Happened

Context: I tasked my fifteen-year-old daughter with ordering food from the local pizzeria. Athena: Dad! Me: What? Athena: I tried calling the pizza place but  I got a weird noise. Me: Like what? Athena: “Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.” Me:… Read More

New Books, 2/14/14

Here are the new books/ARCs that have come into the Scalzi Compound this week. Did you know that books are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? It’s true! What looks good? Share in the comments.

The Best Valentine for Teh Intarweebs, From Ursula Vernon

Yes, that’s just about perfect.  Ursula notes: “We do not endorse actual violence against your enemies.” Yes, well. She’s right, I suppose. See more of Ursula’s fantastic (and Hugo Award-winning) art here.

A Valentine’s Day Song for My Best Girl: “Friday I’m in Love”

Fun fact: This was the first song Krissy and I ever danced to, the very first night we met — indeed, we danced to it roughly thirty seconds after she came up to me and said “you and… Read More

Publishing Notes, 2/13/14

Just a couple for the day: One: Today someone who had pirated editions of my work very nicely came to find out how to compensate for my work, noting that he wanted to pay me directly rather than… Read More

The Big Idea: Pamela Ribon

Every time Pamela Ribon does a Big Idea here, I inevitably note she is one of the funniest humans that I know. I note that because a) she is, b) I think at least some of her humor… Read More

Sunset, 2/12/14

Because it’s been a while. If you look to the left edge of the picture, you can see a faint sun dog. There was one to the right, too,out of frame, but it was even fainter. One day… Read More