Daily Archives: February 9, 2014


So, uh, I may have accidentally deleted a bunch of comments from earlier today while dealing with a spam flood. So if you notice a comment you made suddenly having gone missing, it’s not that you were being moderated, it’s that I flubbed. Sorry. You can repost if you like.

Blessed Critters

My friend Alisha is trying to help out an animal shelter local to her called Blessed Critters, who are doing a little bit of fund raising due to unexpected rising costs. Here’s what she wrote to me when she asked if I could boost the signal:

“I am asking for help for them because of our own personal experience.  About a month ago, our recently adopted second dog began demonstrating strong aggressive, alpha behaviors, and we needed to remove her before she further injured our other dog, or decided to actually bite one of the children. We live in an area without a no-kill shelter, and we’ve been here only a short time. Cadie Hennig and Blessed Critters took our dog with no hesitations, even though they were already sheltering more than 30 dogs. They took the time to find out all of Sam’s good features, and have been working to retrain her. They clearly love the animals that they are housing – dogs, cats, goats, and/or whatever else needs a home. Over the last several months they have been facing increasing difficulties, but they keep working on faith. I’m hoping that your readers might be able to help them.”

Check out their fundraising page, and if you think it’s a worthy cause, consider giving them a donation.