Daily Archives: February 14, 2014

A Conversation That Actually Just Happened

Context: I tasked my fifteen-year-old daughter with ordering food from the local pizzeria.

Athena: Dad!

Me: What?

Athena: I tried calling the pizza place but  I got a weird noise.

Me: Like what?

Athena: “Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.”

Me: …. That’s called a “busy signal.”

Athena: Okay. What does that mean? 

Me: It means someone else was calling them and they were on the phone when you called.

Athena: …. Well, whatever. What do I do now?

Me: Try calling again in a minute.

Athena: (Sighs) Fine.

Me: You… you really didn’t know what a busy signal was?

Athena: I’d heard of them.

Me: Hmmmmmmm.

Athena: I’m going call them again now.

Me: Okay. I’m going to sit over here, being old.

A Valentine’s Day Song for My Best Girl: “Friday I’m in Love”

Fun fact: This was the first song Krissy and I ever danced to, the very first night we met — indeed, we danced to it roughly thirty seconds after she came up to me and said “you and I have to dance sometime tonight” and I said “now is good” because if you think I was going to let the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life get away after she said something like that, you’re a silly, silly person.

Anyway. Today is Friday! And I am in love! So it’s even more appropriate than usual.

Warning: This version has me singing. And playing guitar. To varying levels of competency on both.

Hope you’re having an excellent Valentine’s Day. My your day be filled with love and/or chocolate.