And Now, a Brief Recap of Our JoCo Cruise 4 Vacation

Inasmuch as this picture was taken from the top of a zipline somewhere in the Caribbean, you may assume it was in fact perfectly lovely. That’s our boat over there in the top left corner, the Independence of… Read More

What I Am Giving Up For Lent

I’m not Catholic, or, really, religious in any sense at all, but I like the idea of Lent — giving up something that you like in order to reflect on the idea of sacrifice (note this is a… Read More

Things That Pass Me By

In e-mail, an (excerpted) comment from a reader: You didn’t have much to say about the Jonathan Ross/Hugo dust up. That’s not like you. Well, you know. Two things: One, I┬áhad literally just gotten off a boat from… Read More