14 thoughts on “Still Weekending

  1. Ah. I’ve heard interviews with her but haven’t ever met her at con or actually read any of her books (I’m about half a decade behind in my reading… Still haven’t caught to Game of Thrones let alone had time to start new series/authors. Alas the life of a new dad…)

  2. Kowal was my guess even before clicking, based partially on that I’m finally reading (and enjoying the heck out of) her “Shades of Milk and Honey.” (My other guess was Gail Carriger, but I follow her on Facebook and she hadn’t mentioned this.)

  3. I haven’t actually read Kowal’s own series yet, though I own it now! But I’m a big fan of her audiobook narrations for Seanan McGuire’s Toby Daye series.

    And yeah, obstacles to reading/recognizing happen: being a new dad, having a PhD dissertation to finish…

  4. Mary Kowal had previously mentioned on her site that she was off on a cruise. Naturally I assumed she and John were out pirating the Caribbean as part of the same gang. John, you could so carry off an eye patch wearing, ‘arrrhing’ and rum swilling (well, Coke product), ruffian.

  5. Anyone else feel the writing is a little different from the norm today? I dunno, guess I’m just more observant than most. Ahem. (And, hey, what’s with the date showing 2 weeks ahead on my comment? Weird.)

    Anyway, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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