Reader Request Week 2014 #4: How I See You, Dear Reader

This question comes from Sassy Coconut: How do you see us (readers of this blog)? What are we to you? Are we a faceless mass murmuring in the background? Gargoyles on the edges of your posts cackling and… Read More

Reminder: Two Weeks to Get Your Hugo Nominations In

We’re on the downslope of the nomination time for the Hugos, so if you’re an eligible nominator (if you were a member of LoneStarCon 3 or a current member of Loncon 3 or Sasquan, that’s likely you) you… Read More

Reader Request Week 2014 #3: How I Stay Happy

Kate George asks: You seem happy and well balanced. You have a great daughter and although I don’t know much about your wife you speak well of her. You are fairly consistent on your blog and don’t seem… Read More