10 thoughts on “Snow and Sun

  1. Pheww*, that’s a pic of falling snow flakes. Yeah, had some of that ick here. No sign of it after two hours thankfully.

    *Sound of released-with-relief held breath.–For a second I thought I’d sneezed on my monitor.
    (thoughts of just /what/ I’d rather clean/clean up than shovel the sidewalk are to icky to formulate now)

  2. In Hawaii, that would be flying ash from burning sugar cane fields (they set fire to the fields before they gather up the cane, to get rid of all the dried leaves).

    We don’t see that much anymore, sugar is mostly gone away to countries where labor is cheaper now.

  3. In “Greek” vernacular, we have a rhyme when the sun appears at the same time as the snow flies:

    “Ηλιος και Χιονι,
    Παντρευονται οι γειτονοι”

    which loosely translated (I can’t make it rhyme in English), means:

    Snow and Sun together,
    Neighbors are Getting married.

    (Ed.) I honestly have no idea where or how the rhyme originated.

  4. @qrparker, yes, I thought ‘apocalypse’ when I saw that! Gorgeous scene tho if a bit intimidating.

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