Sunset, 4/2/14

A study in purple and gold. Hope you had (or will have) a nice sunset wherever you are.

12 Comments on “Sunset, 4/2/14

  1. If you haven’t done it already, have you ever considered doing a coffee table book showing all your sunset pictures? I’d buy it, if you did…

  2. Purple and Gold is fitting as you were just in Seattle, home of the UW

  3. Agree with Jennifer. You do have a talent for sunsets

  4. I think it’s high time you hang-up your sci-fi cap and pursue a career as a photojournalist for Fodor’s. The travel destinations are probably a lot snazzier.

  5. Unless that’s actually a sunset photo by Mary Robinette Kowal, pretending to be John Scalzi. Has anyone ever compared their photographs?

  6. Have you perhaps a picture of a sunset with bacon taped to it?