New Books and ARCs, 4/4/14

Hey, look, more books and ARCs to the Scalzi compound, just in time to head into the weekend. What looks good to you here? Tell me in the comments!

A Series of Tweets Regarding My Own Personal Sexism

Apropos to a discussion on Twitter about this Slate article, a discussion of sexism, specifically, my own: (Quick multitweet spree about to commence in roughly 10 seconds, lasting no more than five minutes. Be prepared!) — John Scalzi… Read More

The Droid Maxx, Two Weeks In

I’m two weeks in to owning the Droid Maxx, and I gotta say that I love love love the thing, and the reason is almost entirely down to the battery life, which for me at least lives up… Read More

The Big Idea: Geoff Rodkey

Some stories are easy. Others fight you, pretending to be one thing but then turning into something else entirely. Geoff Rodkey knows about the latter — for his Chronicles of Egg series, of which Blue Sea Burning is… Read More