13 thoughts on “Your Saturday Iron Maiden

  1. They didn’t use enough hairspray to be very 80s.

    Love IM, but for some reason I was never a big fan of that album or the next one. Powerslave, otoh, is still an awesome album.

  2. @Crystal – I do like BÖC, and I can understand if they’re more your thing than Iron Maiden, but they’re apples way. oranges. Few bands are on par with Maiden’s virtuosity. BÖC is good, but in a different way.

    @egl – I’ve been feeling compelled to listen to Powerslave often recently. It’s probably their best in my estimation.

  3. they were always too “screamy” for me. I preferred Rush. Really, I preferred, Beatles, Eagles and Billy Joel, but Rush, Led Zep, and Van Halen were about as hard rock as I was ever willing to get back then –Oh, I did end up going to an AC/DC concert though –one of my friends got himself grounded so I got his ticket.

  4. It has always got to be time for ‘Maiden somewhere in the world. Excellent choice for a birthday song.

  5. Thanks John! Still love ‘em–and that song. Steve Harris is why I learned to play bass.

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