12 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Happy Easter to you and your family too, John!

    I celebrate it as a candy-and-family-dinner holiday, though I’m an atheist myself. Family and candy are good enough for me as long as the chocolate ratio is high enough.

  2. Traditions are fun. We are now carrying on old ones with grandchildren & it is even more fun. Add to that is that the kids who were bored with them as teens now understand the excitement and join in the fun in their own way.

  3. I bought my son’s blue Easter basket when he was 4. 30 years later I’m still putting a chocolate bunny in it–only one now, instead of a basketful of treats and toys, but the tradition goes on. Happy Easter!

  4. All I can say is, Holy Week and Easter services are over for another year, and thanks be to $DEITY.

  5. I am confused, based upon the tone and things started in your blogs it would seem that you are firmly a atheist. Assuming that is true then why do you celebrate it? Yes candy and stuff but to do so on this day indicates you support what it stands for.
    Xopher, yes between church and public radio/tv crying for money I am glad this season is over too.

  6. Huh:

    I’m an agnostic, in point of fact. I grew up with Easter so I enjoy it as a holiday. It obviously doesn’t mean much to me in a religious sense.

  7. 1) Where are that poor bunny’s ears? Did someone eat them?

    2) How did you manage to keep that bunny so clean for 15 years?

  8. Dear Lord, tell me those aren’t Cadbury’s Crème Eggs in the basket? May one recommend that Sir investigates the far superior Ferrero Rocher products instead?

  9. Some of my favorite memories include the basket my dad would give me every Easter. As an adult, I lament that my father lives on the other side of the country. I like to believe that if we lived near each other I would still get my basket of candy.

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