My Adventures at BEA

I’ve got a couple of minutes before I have to head over to the airport to go back home (hooray!), so I thought I would give a brief recap of my Book Expo America for 2014. The short… Read More

On My Way

To my second day of BEA. Which means probably no hanging about here for a bit. You might catch me on Twitter now and again. Otherwise, make your Friday awesome.

Today’s Books and ARCs, 5/29/14

I’m at BEA today, so leaving you this stack of new books and ARCs to peruse seems doubly appropriate. See anything here that makes you want to rush to the book store to buy and/or pre-order? Let me… Read More

The Big Idea Artist Spotlight: John Harris

If you’ve read science fiction in the last quarter century, then you know the work John Harris: His artwork has graced the covers of writers such as Ben Bova, Allen Steele, Orson Scott Card among others, including, of… Read More

The Big Idea: Howard Tayler

In today’s Big Idea, Howard Tayler, the brains behind the multiply-Hugo nominated Schlock Mercenary Web comic, tells you how the little things — the really little things — mean a lot for his latest graphic novel compilation, Longshoreman… Read More

And Now, the First Ripe Strawberry of the Season

And for the record: It tasted perfect.

Watch My Friend Wil’s New Show Tonight at 10pm

It is called The Wil Wheaton Project, and it’s on Syfy, and it’s at 10pm tonight (which is Tuesday, May 27th). Wil will be making amusing and snarky observations on science fiction and nerd culture, and speaking as… Read More

The Big Idea: Sarah Lotz

Airplanes make you nervous? You’re not alone — Author Sarah Lotz, for one, feels your pain (or at least, your anxiety). But where Lotz diverges from most people who get twitchy about air travel is that she used… Read More

Heading Home

Changed my flight so I could get home earlier to see my wife and kid this Memorial Day. So I’ll either be in the air or with them today. See you tomorrow.

ComicPalooza Check In

And it is: I’m having a lovely time here in Houston: everyone is friendly, people seem to be happy, and I got to see people I like, including a friend of mine from high school with whom I… Read More

A Note On a Topic of Interest

I’ll be at San Diego Comic-Con this July and I’ve seen some people wondering whether SDCC’s Code of Conduct qualifies as a harassment policy under my personal set of rules, and if not, why I would bend the… Read More

Two — Yes, Two! — Autographing Sessions at ComicPalooza

This is the Barnes & Noble booth at ComicPalooza, and if you are planning to be at the convention and want to get signed books from me, this will be the place to do it, immediately following my… Read More

Two Neil Gaiman Things of More Than Passing Interest

They are thus: 1. Neil recently went to Jordan to visit a camp of refugees displaced by the Syrian civil war. He’s filed a report on it in the Guardian. It’s here. It’s a tough but worthy read;… Read More

View From a Hotel Window: Houston

Aaaaand here I am in Houston, for ComicPalooza. Hope to see some of you folks there over the weekend. I am told that although they have not been scheduled yet, I will be doing some autograph sessions; as… Read More

“Ask the Author” at Goodreads

Goodreads has launched an “Ask the Author” feature on its site, inaugurating the program with 54 participating authors, who include Margaret Atwood, Ayelet Waldman, Holly Black, Jim Butcher, Warren Ellis and, oh, yeah, me. So if you have… Read More

The Big Idea: Steven S. Drachman

People! I am traveling in time (literally, as I wrote up this entry last night and then scheduled it to go live in the morning) to tell you about Steven S. Drachman’s latest book, Watt O’Hugh Underground —… Read More

Dragon Sunset, 5/21/14

You never do know where those dragons are going to show up, do you.

Lock In Chapter One: Now on Tor.com

The headline says it: Tor.com has chapter one of Lock In on its site right now. But wait, there’s more! If you show up tomorrow on Tor.com, they’ll have chapter two! And so on! For, uh, I think,… Read More

Quick Take: Godzilla

I liked it just fine, although I suspect that I go against the grain of most people in thinking the parts with the humans were reasonably well done, and the parts with Godzilla were mostly an unwieldy reptile… Read More

ComicPalooza Events

Hey there, folks — This Memorial Day weekend I will be down in Houston for ComicPalooza, where, in addition to just hangin’ with nerds, as one does at such conventions, I’ll also be be doing two programming items:… Read More