I Claim This Word In the Name of the Internet: Snuffaluffphagy

Snuffaluffphagy: The scientific term for eating a Muppet.

Google did not have a listing for the word previous to me posting the word here. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

Update: Where it’s gone.

44 Comments on “I Claim This Word In the Name of the Internet: Snuffaluffphagy

  1. Can I create a rule 34 slang variation? Pleeeease can I create a rule 34 slang variation? Every scientific term needs an unscientific partner!

    – Domini, preventing the internet from being classy. Again.

  2. I’m reminded of those halcyon days when sniglets were all the rage.

  3. I’ve been thinking about cooking too much lately, and all I can come up with is braising…

  4. Ten results at 7:15, 88 at 8:02. Sweet.
    BTW, the southern cassowary (unlike the N. C) doesn’t have Bigus canarius coloring on its throat.

    Dana1119: Add the chopped braised meat to water, celery, potato, carrot, and whatever else (except Foghorn) that goes in a chicken soup.

  5. Aw, it’s not a valid Scrabble word.

  6. Epic.

    That is all.

  7. John, this seems like a term for a specialized form of muppet consumption, possibly generalizing to more than one type of muppet, but limited to those which are normally invisible and/or have died.

  8. On the first day in almost a week I’m NOT watching The Muppet Show on Youtube (up to midpoint of Season 3, needed a whimsy break) and you come up with this!

    If I didn’t know any better – and I do – I’d say you were stalking me, Scalzi.

  9. Are you accepting recipes for the muppet cook-book? Stuffed Snuffaluffagus sounds like a fabulous holiday treat!

  10. So, would a Snuffaleffigy be a specific representation of Snuffaluffagus or just a muppet? In turn, could there be a Snuffluffphagia involving said Snuffleffigy? So many questions….

  11. But no one can see Snuffleuffagus, except Big Bird, so would an effigy of him be … invisible?

  12. It would also be a good virus name for Plague, Inc. (Which I’ve been playing like mad this weekend.)

  13. Pics or it didn’t happen. Seriously.

  14. Cat Amesbury – Yes, Kermivore is doomed as a term. It is shorter, more easily pronounced, and understood by more people. Biologists will never use it.

  15. My college experiment in snuffaluffphagy film sadly is not yet online. Although now that I think about it, Snuffy actually avenged himself in that Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.

  16. @PixelFish

    Would such a virus be Muppetagious?

  17. Sadly, no one foresaw the resulting carnage when Cookie Monster was cured of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and his culinary horizons expanded in unexpected directions.

  18. Gotta say, I’m not loving that “ffph”.

  19. Why wouldn’t that be muppetphagy?

    The word you suggest seems to be specific to snuffleupagi.

  20. Add opposed to Snuffaleffigy: a Muppet representation of a person?

  21. Once upon a time, I was with a friend who was trying real, Mexican menudo for the first time. He responded that it was “like eating a Snuffleupagus”. While menudo is not snuffaluffphagy, I would like to submit that the textures of the two would be very similar.

  22. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…

    Eating Muppets is the name of my Sesame Street cover band.

    You all saw it coming.


  23. Scalzi, one of these days you’re break the internet. Too funny.

  24. @Planetary Defense Commander

    I resemble that remark! :( But we who prefer shorter, clearer terms for our love of delicious Muppet flesh will have our day someday. I’m sure of it!

  25. Trying to engage in snuffaluffphagy with Miss Piggy will guarantee you’ll spend the next year in a body cast.

  26. Ghislord – My son was in a semi-successful hard metal band (I don’t know the exact variation but its the one where the singer shouts every verse). They were looking for a ‘change of pace’ tune & I suggested “Come On Get Happy” (the Partridge Family theme song). They did it I audiences went wild. Maybe a Sesame Street cover band could cell a few CDs

    Not that Frank – I always look for amphibians on those little wheeled carts when I see a place with frog’s legs on the menu.

  27. Yeah, I tried it…didn’t care for the flavor..rather gamey. Oh, and the felt kept getting stuck in my teeth!

  28. jayemgriffin :

    No doubt about it. It would be an instant success! Wonder how much royalties I’d owe to Mr. Scalzi…

    Frankly :

    I remember a loca band tha did a reimagined version of the Sesame street song as a Rock alternative variant. The main beat was played with an overwhelming bass… It was actually pretty good.

  29. And that was a “local” band, of course. Although I remember them being quite “loca” too.

  30. When a pathologist takes apart a Muppet, is that “kermitopsy”?

  31. Trying to imagine the scenario that led to this vocabulary invention. All of them are strange.

  32. Yeah, what started this, anyhow? Or maybe we don’t wanna know…

  33. His name was Snuffleupagus, so the word should be Snuffleuphagy, or Snuffleupphagy. I read Agent to the Stars on my Palm Pilot and gladly sent in my dollar, but now I’m disappointed. Or should that be disaffointed?