May Flowers, Continued

Because my word brain is stuck in neutral today. So: Look! Flowers!

14 Comments on “May Flowers, Continued

  1. May makes taking one’s camera into the wild worthwhile.

  2. Well, honestly, it would have taken some pretty good words to outdo the pictures. So you’ve probably come out net ahead here.

    On a plant-loveing note, everything’s better with Malus and Taraxacum.

  3. You’ve already done “dark and sturmy night”, for various values of dark. Maybe something with a bright calm day?

  4. You probably get asked this lots but do you use a macro setting on your camera to get the images to come out that sharp?

  5. “…word brain is stuck…” I am guessing you blew a bearing with Snuffaluffphagy.

  6. I LOVE dandelions! Nobody seems to appreciate their beauty. Sure some people go on about eating the leaves or making wine, but I like the flower itself. Both forms.
    A field filled with them is beautiful-even if it is my lawn. And they let me know my favorite season, summer, is close.