Oh, and These ARCs Showed Up Too

Thought you might like to see them.  For the record: I love love love getting physical ARCs. I’m happy to live in the electronic age, but getting something that looks and feels (and hell, is) an actual physical… Read More

On The Claim That Heinlein Couldn’t Win a Hugo Today

Yeah, that’s complete bullshit. (Link goes to Metafilter) (Turning off comments here because I’ve ranted on Heinlein just recently and covered some of the same ground, and therefore I suspect this comment thread would be mostly a repeat.)

New Books and ARCs, 5/9/14

Here you go: So, what looks good to you here? Share in the comments!    

The Big Idea: Stephanie Saulter

Humanity: It’s a big subject. What “humanity” entails as an overall concept, an even bigger one. But that doesn’t scare off Stephanie Saulter — indeed, in Gemsigns, it’s a topic she runs toward, to explore what it means… Read More