The 2014 Lock In Tour + How to Get Signed Books (Even If You Can’t Make the Tour)

And here are the places, dates and times: Tuesday, August 26th (7:00 PM) Brazos Bookstore Houston, TX Wednesday, August 27th (7:00 PM) BookPeople Austin, TX Thursday, August 28th (7:30 PM) Quail Ridge Books & Music Raleigh, NC Friday,… Read More

Pet Portraits, 6/29/14

They’re handsome devils. 

Tinkering With My Desktop Computer

Which very clearly has a failing disk drive. Yes, everything important is backed up, don’t worry. Still annoying.  See you all tomorrow.

How I Can Tell I Am a Writer

Because when I look at this picture, what I spend most of my time looking at is whether any of my books are on the shelves. (Picture possibly NSFW, as it features painted nudity) P.S.: I found three.

The Animal I Was Thinking Of Yesterday (and, Who Won the Lock In ARC)

It was the Thylacine, aka the Tasmanian Tiger. They are, alas, extinct (almost certainly, though every once in a while an alleged sighting happens). My daughter didn’t think anyone would get this one, but I was reasonably certain… Read More

New Books and ARCs, 6/27/14

Once again, to take you into the weekend, a selection of fine upcoming books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. Which ones inspire yearning in your book-loving heart and mind? Share in the comments!

Hey, I Think I Will Give Away an ARC of Lock In

Tor has sent along to me seven ARCs of Lock In. Six of them are already claimed by various people I need to send a copy along to. One of them isn’t. So, I’ll give it away here,… Read More

Lock In Gets a Starred Review From Kirkus

Hooray! That’s two starred reviews for the book now, including the one from Publishers Weekly. The Kirkus review in full is here, but here’s a nice pull quote: “This SF thriller provides yet more evidence that Scalzi is… Read More

Sunset, 6/25/14

Dramatic sunset is dramatic.

Various & Sundry, 6/25/14

Because I want to hit several subjects in a very quick fashion: 1. Yay! Warrants for cell phones! I’m not always 100% pleased with the Supreme Court these days, but this decision — unanimous — is spot on…. Read More

Note on July/August Big Idea Slots

The remaining July and most of the August Big Idea slots are being parceled out in the next couple of days, so if you’re an author/publicist wondering if your queries are going out into the vapor, a) no,… Read More

How Not to Talk About Your Money, Very Rich Edition

Hillary Clinton: Likely to be the next president of the United States, I suspect, but in the last several days, apparently clueless about how to talk about her money, of which there is a lot, and for which… Read More

I Have Voted for the Hugos

Having caught myself up to my satisfaction with the nominees in all the categories, I went to the Loncon3 site and voted, taking care to place each nominee with the ranking I thought it or they deserved. I… Read More

On the 25th Anniversary of Tim Burton’s Batman Movie, a Personal Ranking of All the Batman Films

Because this article on Tor.com reminded me that today is the day. In order from best to so not best: 1. The Dark Knight 2. Batman (1989) 3. The LEGO Movie 4. Batman Begins 5. Batman Forever 6…. Read More

What I’m Doing With My Sunday

Prepping my playlist for the 80s dance I’ll be DJing at Detcon1 this July. If you’re going to Detcon1 and don’t show up to the dance, I will be quite put out. This song, for one, will definitely… Read More

Saturday Fiddling

Saturday is traditionally the day here with the lowest number of visits, which means it’s a good day for me to fiddle with the format and design of the blog. I’m probably going to do that today. So… Read More

Spring’s Final Clouds

Not a bad way for spring to say goodbye.

New Books and ARCs, 6/20/14

What’s hot and fresh in books and ARCs today, here at the Scalzi Compound. Tell me what you want on your own reading list, down in the comments.

Yog’s Law and Self-Publishing

Many years ago, writer Jim Macdonald postulated “Yog’s Law,” a handy rule of thumb for writers about the direction money is meant to flow in publishing: “Money flows toward the writer.” This is handy because it will give… Read More

Angry Robot Closes Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A Imprints

The news is here. If you’re an author with either of these two imprints, I would check your contracts for reversion clauses. Likewise, if I were the folks at Angry Robot, and were putting the books in these… Read More